Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Assembly talk @ CHIJ Kellock Primary School (14 Oct 2011)

Ms Pavri Goritti-Ann, Teacher-in-charge of Environment club, invited Global Warming Study Group to CHIJ Primary school on 14 Oct 2011.
Mr Low, dressed as Professor Amjit, conducted an Assembly talk to the school during 7:20 am. The talk was very well-received.

As 14 Oct was a CCA day, Ms Pavri invited Mr Low to give an ‘extra’ session to the CHIJ Environment club. : ) Mr Low showed some environment videos and gave the club members some quiz questions where they can win some prizes. Club members loved the environment session.

Our GW team arrived at 9.30am to set up Exhibition panels and a booth. We distributed leaflets on ‘Eco-kids websites’ & MRT card holders to students and played some SOS climate change videos on the TV. We manned the booth from 9.30am till 2pm.
Our booth was swamped by the students as many of them like the assembly talk we delivered. We are quite overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response from the students. : ) Team members heartedly commented that we should do more talks in schools. : )

Below are some feedbacks from teachers and students on the assembly talk:

Well done! I enjoyed the videos too! - Vice-Principle, Mdm Christina Seow

Excellent presentation! An important message for our next generation! I’m going to eat less meat and encourage others to do so. See you next year!
- Ms Pavri Goritti-Ann, Environment club teacher-in-charge

Meaningful and interesting talk, able to capture the pupil’s attention. Keep up the good job. : )

- Ms Koh, teacher

- Mdm Liu Shi Wei, Chinese Teacher

The talk was very interesting and I enjoyed it very much. I believe that all my friends were convinced as the videos and explanation was clear. – Rebecca Tan, student

I feel it is very interesting. I will start eating fruits and vegetables every Friday. This was the best talk I ever heard. – Sindhu, student

The talk was informative. I learnt to not waste food and water as others are suffering from hunger. We also must not cut trees. – Shafigah Adzirah, student

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