Thursday, September 8, 2016

Global Warming talk @ Temasek Poly (29 Jul)

Temasek Poly Green Interest Group (TPGIG) invited Earth Society to take part in their “The Industry and The Environment -- An Education and Outreach seminar” event on 29 Jul from 7pm to 9 pm.

TPGIG organized this seminar to promote environmental awareness among students.

TPGIG invited Earth Society to present on Global Warming and Ways to reduce climate change. 

They also invited Zero Waste Singapore ( to speak on “Save Food, Cut Waste”, and Vegetarian Society to speak on Going Veggie: A New Approach to Health and Environment”.

About 50 students and teachers to attended the event and we had a fruitful discussion on reducing waste and adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle to help the environment.

We are encouraged that many youth groups are now taking the initiative to organize Eco-events in their campus to increase environmental awareness and encourage eco-measures to protect the environment.

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