Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Company Lunch talk @ Kulicke and Soffa and Firmenich Asia Pte Ltd

As part of Kulicke and Soffa’s EHS (Environment, Health and Safety week) event, Ms Wong Ai Wah invited Earth Society to conduct a company lunch talk for their staffs in Aug.

On 17 Aug, Earth Society team reached Kulicke and Soffa at 11.45 am. Mr Jeffrey Lee, their EHS manager, received us warmly at the reception counter.

We conducted a Global Warming lunch talk for 30 staffs from 12 to 1 pm. We presented on the effects of Climate change on the world and showcase various solutions that scientists recommended to curb climate change. (Plant trees, Eat less meat, Green energy and 3Rs). Kulicke and Soffa staffs listened attentively to the talk.

On Aug, Ms Joanne Chia from Firmenich Asia Pte Ltd invited Earth Society to conduct a company lunch talk for their staffs. Firmenich Asia is a company which produce fragrances and flavours for the world’s renowned brands.

 On 31 Aug, Earth Society team conducted a Global Warming talk and Quiz for 30 staffs at Firmenich Asia Pte Ltd from 12 to 1pm. The staffs paid full attention to the presentation and participated actively in the Quiz at the end of the talk.

Many staffs came forward to sign up on our email list to receive further info on environmental protection.

Feedback from Staffs:

Very informative, the talk is well organised into a short presentation that captured the interest of our employees. Thank you! – Jeffrey Lee, EHS manager, Kulicke and Soffa

Very efficient and helpful talk with all important information for people. I will definitely recommend to others. Thank you.  - Daphne Goh, Secretary, Kulicke and Soffa

Very educational and good sharing. – Chen May, Wellness advocate

Educational and informative talk. Bring better awareness on how individuals can help to Go Green and Save the planet. – Julia Tan, Technical Service Manager, Firmenich Asia Pte Ltd

Interesting and fruitful talk. Teach us to reduce green house gas and reduce food wastage.  – Rebecca Lai, Planner, Firmenich Asia Pte Ltd

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