Thursday, September 8, 2016

Assembly talk @ Global Indian International School (27 Jul)

Ms Parameshwari, primary co-ordinator of Global Indian International School (Queenstown), invited Earth Society to conduct an Assembly talk for the school cohort on 27 Jul.

On 27 Jul, Earth Society team reached Global Indian International School (Queenstown) at 10.40 am.

We conducted a Global Warming talk for 500 primary level students from 11 to 11.45 am followed by a 10 mins Quiz.

We presented on the effects of Global warming on various parts of the world and show the effective solutions that scientists recommend to curb Climate change (i.e. Plant trees, Eat less meat, Green energy and 3Rs). We showed environmental cartoons such as “Animals Save the Planet” and WWF animations for the students.
Students enjoyed the talk and participated actively in the Quiz at the end of the talk.

Many teachers liked the talk and came forward to get more info from us after the talk. We were also invited to the Principal’s office to speak to the principal at the end of the talk. We were surprised to learn that Global Indian International School served vegetarian meals to all their students in all 3 campus in Singapore.

We went to the canteen to enjoy a veggie meal before we left the school.

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