Friday, January 1, 2010

Drying Rivers, Lakes and Reservoirs

Share a documentary on Drying Rivers, Lakes and Reservoirs,

Due to Global Warming, Seas, Rivers,Lakes and underground water reserves in the world are drying up. These impact the livelihoods of hundreds of millions people.
World’s major rivers drying - one-third are gone or going. Groundwater wells for 3 billion people are drying up.

Top 10 global river systems drying, ebbing away:China’s Salween River, Europe’s Danube, South America’s la Plata, North American Rio Grande, India’s Ganges, Pakistan’s Indus, Africa’s Nile and Lake Victoria, Australia’s Murray Darling, Southeast Asia’s Mekong-Lancang, China’s Yangtze … due to dams, over-extraction, overfishing and climate change.
The documentary also spells out the various lakes and rivers in Africa, America, Europe, Asia, India & China that are drying up.

We have to adopt more measures to conserve water and take a hard look at how we use water. The Stockholm water insititute states that 70% of the world's water is used by the agriculture sector with animal agriculture using a large portion of water. In Nov 2009, Lord Stern and Al Gore has urged the world to take more plant-based diet as the animal industry uses excessive amounts of water. [UN report states that producing 1kg of beef requires 15,500 litres of water. Producing 1 kg of maize only needs 900 litres of water.]
We have to heed the call now.

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