Sunday, September 11, 2016

Company Lunch talk @ CSC Asia and International Air Transport Association

Ms Wong Mei Hua, Events Executive in United Overseas Bank (UOB), invited Earth Society to conduct 2 company talks for 2 UOB clients in Aug. This is the first time Earth Society has partnered with a Bank to deliver the Environment message to their clients.

The first talk was held at CAC Asia Holdings on 18 Aug.
Ms Adele Heng, UOB Relationship Manager, spoke to the employees on UOB savings accounts before introducing Earth Society to speak on Environment matters.

We conducted a Global Warming talk to 30 CAC Asia Holdings staffs from 12 to 12.40 pm. We presented on the effects of Climate change on the world and showcase various solutions that scientists recommended to curb climate change. (Plant trees, Eat less meat, Green energy and 3Rs). The staffs received the talk warmly and many come forward to sign up on our email list after the talk.

The second talk was held at International Air Transport Association (IATA) on 30 Aug. We conducted a similar talk to 30 staffs at IATA from 12 to 12.50pm.

We are glad that UOB bank is promoting environmental awareness among their clients and hope that more banks will join in to provide such value-add service to their clients.

Feedback from Staffs:

Very informative! I learnt a lot and will contribute definitely!
– Emmanuel , IT professional, CSC Asia Holdings

Very informative! Excellent information for our Self-awareness on how we can contribute to save the world.
– Jesus Panuncillon, Senior Analyst Programmer, CSC Asia Holdings.

The session was very good and highly informative. Appreciate the efforts put in to cascade the information.   – Rajkumar, IT lead, CSC Asia Holdings.

Super interesting and inspiring presentation! Suggest to organize a group to raise awareness and follow up on implementation.  - Nadya, IATA staff 

It’s a very good presentation, quite an eye-opener with the facts and figures. It could actually help to raise awareness and convince people. Well, I am convinced! - Antonia, IATA staff

I learnt that eating less meat helps in saving the environment. This is a good and informative talk. Keep it up and keep sharing!  – Justin, Accountant, IATA

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